Monday, April 22, 2024

Evangeline - "I Wanna Be There"

Los Angeles' Evangeline uncovered a song that her dad wrote in the 80's for her latest single and updated it for 2024. "I Wanna Be There" is an undeniably fun song that lives in both the worlds of alt-rock and indie pop. If anything, the song has more of a 60's vibe to it than the 80's, and is much more groovy than synthy or punky. The song has an organic feel to it that is reminiscent of folk, but at the most it's folk-adjacent. "I Wanna Be There" is one of the most fun releases of the month, and is going to inspire you to bop around in your seat, at the very least. This is a perfectly simple little pop-rock song that gets more and more addictive with every listen.

You can watch the video for "I Wanna Be There" below. When Demigods Go... is due out May 3. For more on Evangeline, check out the artist's on Facebook and Instagram.

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