Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Hannah Mohan - "Peace Be the Day"

Photo by George Rae Teensma

First the bad news. One of our absolute favorite Western Massachusetts bands, And the Kids, appear to have called it a day. The good news is that Hannah Mohan is still making music, and is set to release her first solo album. (She has previously released music and performed solo under the moniker Topsy.) The first single off that album, "Peace Be the Day," is everything we loved about her previous band. The new single has the same upbeat and highly danceable vibe, but Mohan solo has a little bit more of an organic sound. It's not quite folk, but it's a step towards folk. There are still the tone and tempo changes in "Peace Be the Day" that are a trademark of Mohan's writing. As much as I hate that we lost a band as beloved as And the Kids, "Peace Be the Day" shows that we're in great hands with Mohan's latest musical project.

You can listen to "Peace Be the Day" below. Time Is a Walnut (produced by Alex Toth of Rubblebucket) is due out July 12 on Egghunt Records. For more on Hannah Mohan, check out the artist on Instagram.

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