Monday, April 1, 2024

Bad Buddy - "Q.B."

Photo by Heather Saitz

Hailing from Edmonton, Bad Buddy are described as "... a genre defying musical spectacle, casually time-travelling from wartime boogie-woogie bops, to glitterball heartbreak slow dances, to eye-gushing punk bloodbaths." That certainly got our attention. Their latest single, "Q.B.," is the perfect example of that sound. It's rooted in early Motown soul and girl groups, but it's just dripping with a punk edge. It's glitzy but also grimy at the same time. I can't fully say that it's genre-defying as much as it is genre encompassing. "Q.B." takes sounds that should be the exact opposite of each other and merges them in a way that makes perfect sense, and will make you wonder why this isn't a sound that has always existed.

Andrea Vissia (vocals/guitar) says of her band's new single:

"I feel like I had an idea for this music video years ago – way before the song had presented itself to me. One of my experiences as a woman in this industry is having people think I'm there because of a man (my partner or others), or just having people underestimate my experience and credibility."

You can watch the video for "Q.B." below. Bad Buddy II is due out in June. For more on Bad Buddy, check out the artist's website.

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