Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Peter Bibby - "Fun Guy"

Photo by Natalie Hewitt

Hailing from Perth, Peter Bibby just released a new single that is going to be tough to describe, so bear with me as I attempt to. "Fun Guy" is a rock song that leans into electronic elements, including a drum machine. It's loud and dissonant, but it's also incredibly dance friendly. In fact, it might not be as dance friendly as it is dance demanding. It's in your face, and kind of a party jam? This might sound like a bizarre statement, but it's kind of like if Andrew W.K. decided to be an art rocker while still partying. All I know for sure is that "Fun Guy" is an absolute blast of a song.

Peter Bibby says of his new single:

“I was just really over all the silliness and getting wasted and all dumb behavior that is considered ‘fun'. A lot of the songs on the album are the result of situations where I was drunk or dealing with the drama that comes from it all. It suggests a period of change, and honing in on the shitty situations which have inspired it.

“It’s a fun song about quitting fun. A bit gross, a bit self deprecative, a bit of a banger. Rather than a drum loop, we just went full drum machine with this one, taking a few hints from Suicide’s first album. We laid this whole thing down in a few hours on my first day in the studio, setting the tone for a disgustingly productive few weeks.”

You can watch the video for "Fun Guy" below. Drama King is out May 31 on Spinning Top Records, and is available for pre-order here. For more on Peter Bibby, check out the artist on Instagram and Facebook.

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