Thursday, July 8, 2021

Jyroscope and Montana Macks - "Take It Easy"

Image by Jason Nelims

The latest single from Jyroscope (aka I.B. Fokuz, Collasoul Structure, and DJ Seanile) and Montana Macks' collaboration might be the perfect hip hop for the aging (but still hip) Gen-Xer. "Take It Easy" is going to remind you of the glory days of jazz infused hip hop. It's hardly a throwback, though. "Take It Easy" has this laid back jazz vibe combined with verses that match it perfectly. While most modern hip hop makes us feel old as much as we enjoy it, Jyroscope rapping about dropping kids off at school, taking Zoloft, and your kids saying they love you fits us perfectly. And somehow they make this sound impossibly cool.

Collasoul Structure says of the new song:

"It just seemed like I was going through this gauntlet of horrible shit that just kept comingI literally closed my eyes for a moment and said to myself, ‘take it easy, bring it down.’”

You can listen to "Take It Easy" below. Happy Medium is due out July 23. You can pre-order a copy over at Bandcamp. For more on Jyroscope, check out the artist's Facebook and Twitter.

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