Monday, February 26, 2024

JVK - "Body Double"

Photo by Wissler Studios

One of our favorite things about JVK is how they've always mastered balancing between being a pop band and a heavier rock band. Their latest single, "Body Double," is this loud indie rock song with some serious pop hooks. Jo Kreiger's vocals have always leaned more towards pop, but "Body Double" sees her stretching into a more metal sound with her voice. While some of their previous songs have had some strong metal base, this new one is much more indie rock than metal. It's a very intense song that just barrels forward, just barely in control. The song has a desperate sound to it that sucks you in and refuses to let up for two and a half minutes. We've been into JVK coming up on two years now, and this might be their finest single yet.

You can listen to "Body Double" below. For more on JVK, check out the band's website.

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