Friday, February 23, 2024

Wyn & the White Light featuring Josh Knowles - "Statue"

Ok, we know we always use the word "haunting" to describe music from Wyn & the White Light, but it always seems to fit. On their latest single, "Statue," Wyn Doran gets weird. The song starts off with this uncomfortable sounding intro before mellowing out and turning into one of the more lovely alt-pop meets folk style songs we've covered in a while. The song is quite orchestral and impossibly endearing before getting back into its oddly discordant beginnings. And then "Statue" just delves deeper into this interesting and unique mixture of its dissonance mixed with the beauty it showed earlier. No wonder Doran refers to this song as her "anesthesia dream."

You can listen to "Statue" below. Luck is due out on March 19. For more on Wyn & the White Light, be sure to check out the band on Facebook and Instagram. They're also playing The Overlook at Mill No. 5 in Lowell on April 13 with Glad Valley and Savoir Faire.

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