Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Crow Follow - "Dig It"

Crow Follow, aka Boston's finest "shaman rock and urban cabaret" band released a new single last week. "Dig It" sums up everything we've come to love about Crow Follow. It's a bizarre little dirty blues song that also crams in plenty of garage rock and indie rock. Plus, with the sax freak outs you're going to be reminded of Morphine quite a bit. Crow Follow are one of those bands that are not going to be for everyone. Hell, they might not even be for you right now. But when a song like "Dig It" clicks, it's going to click hard and burrow itself right down into your soul. It's just such a unique blend of psychedelia and various unrelated genres of rock and roll that it could well take a few listens to truly get the magic of Crow Follow.

You can listen to "Dig It" below. For more on Crow Follow, check out the band's website.

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