Thursday, February 22, 2024

Seafood Sam - "Can't Take the Hood to Heaven"

Photo by Jack McKain

Seafood Sam is a tough artist to describe. The Long Beach artist's latest single, "Can't Take the Hood to Heaven," is predominately a hip hop track, but it's certainly not the typical 2024 hip hop track. The song is more spoken word at times, but also includes elements of funk and soul. The funk and soul isn't just from samples. Instead it's a more organic vibe of the two classic genres. Add in some G-funk style sung vocals and "Can't Take the Hood to Heaven" doesn't sound like anything like modern hip hop, and also doesn't sound like a throwback. Seafood Sam is taking hip hop, soul, and funk and mixing them up into a sound that is both classic and all his own.

Seafood Sam says of his new single:

"I’m trying to reach the souls of our neighborhoods, not just the ears.”

You can watch the video for "Can't Take the Hood to Heaven" below. Standing On Giant Shoulders is due out April on drink sum wtr, and is available for pre-order here. For more on Seafood Sam, check out the artist on Instagram and Twitter.

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