Monday, February 26, 2024

The Magic City - "A Series of Chemicals"

Photo by Ken Marcou

Boston's The Magic City are quickly becoming a favorite around here. The band have this incredibly compelling sound that combines glam and power pop, which we don't see in Boston very often. Their latest single, "A Series of Chemicals," sees bassist Mike Quinn take over vocal duties. The song just has this unexpected punch to it, even with how catchy and poppy the song is. Just something about the guitar and drums just bites down hard with a certain edge to it. "A Series of Chemicals" is a compelling song that is a blast to listen to while still having a hint of darkness. 

Mike Quinn says of the band's latest single:

“I am not a scientist, but I am fascinated by science. The disciplines of chemistry and biology, and how they differ and overlap with each other is interesting to me. This song explores the idea that we make our decisions not because of free will, but in the various biological and chemical reactions going on in our brains and bodies… The protagonist in this song blames the chemicals while also praising them.”

You can listen to "A Series of Chemicals" below. For more on The Magic City, check out the band's website. They're playing a show at The Cantab Lounge on March 1 with The Tom Springer Band and The Grimly Pleased.

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