Monday, February 26, 2024

Nicolette & The Nobodies - "Show Up"

Photo by Heather Saitz

Hailing from Ontario, Nicolette & The Nobodies are making classic country. The band's latest single, "Show Up," sounds like your favorite classic torch song from the 1970's. It's completely timeless in its appeal, with only a more modern production keeping it from sounding like it was recorded fifty years ago. Plus, singer Nicolette Hoang has one of the most fantastic voices in all of modern alt-country. You can always hear the emotion of the song just pouring out of the singer's voice in the best country, and Hoang just nails that. The pain in her vocals is completely tangible.

Nicolette Hoang says of her latest single:

“‘Show Up’ is a reckoning about coming to terms with loving someone that will never love you back. These moments are so painful and so drawn out that you’re just hanging on for any little thing to release you from it. The song is that last look over your shoulder when you are still convincing yourself they’re going to be standing there before you have to walk through that door.”

You can watch the video for "Show Up" below. The Long Way is due out April 12 on Arthaus Music. For more on Nicolette & The Nobodies, check out the band's website. Upcoming tour dates supporting Sarah Shook & The Disarmers are below the video.

May 7, 2024 - The Garrison - Toronto, ONMay 8, 2024 - L’Esco - Montreal, QCMay 9, 2024 - One Longfellow Square - Portland, MEMay 10, 2024 - The Cut - Gloucester, MAMay 11, 2024 - Cafe Nine - New Haven, CTMay 12, 2024 - TV Eye - New York, NY

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