Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Autumn Luz - "Bone Marrow"

Photo by Zave Smith

One of the best comparisons for the music of Autumn Luz has been "... if Fiona Apple and Portishead had a baby." That description fits her latest single "Bone Marrow." Luz combines indie rock, jazz, pop, folk, and jazz into this unique style of art rock. "Bone Marrow" continues to evolve and evolve as you listen to it, adding new elements and forcing you to listen more closely to its hypnotic sound. The song is oddly beautiful, but it's a little too intense to truly be described as beautiful. It's a fascinating style that will force you to listen at least a few times in a row to ensure that you have fully experienced the song. But, as artsy and layered as the song is, there are enough pop elements to make it a fantastic listen and not only a challenging one.

You can listen to "Bone Marrow" below. Fragments is due out in April. For more on Autumn Luz, check out the artist's website.

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