Monday, February 19, 2024

Miracle Blood - "Lobotomizer"

Photo by Kristi Xhelili

Miracle Blood are the secret weapon of the Boston music scene. They're one of those bands that once they click for you, you're instantly obsessed. Their latest single, "Lobotomizer," will show you exactly why. It lives in that bizarre world between metal and punk without really choosing either one over the other. It's kind of like if you mashed up Lard and Mr. Bungle into one band. "Lobotomizer" isn't going to be for everyone, but most of the best music these days isn't. But if Miracle Blood works for you, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Vocalist/guitarist Andrew Wong continues to have one of the best screams in the city, regardless of genre.

Andrew Wong says of the new single:

“‘Lobotomizer’ is about the horror of losing control of your own life to societal pressures. It’s so easy to fall into making so many life decisions because it seems like ‘what you’re supposed to do.’ Life can become extremely prescribed if you don’t take the time to question what you really want out of it. It’s like having your brain controlled by someone else; those little voices in your head that say, ‘You really should be doing this or that by whatever age.’ You can easily wake up one day and realize the life you’re living is someone else’s version of what is ideal. It happens a lot. It’s mundane but still scary. I think the older we get, the more we feel these types of pressures."

You can watch the video for "Lobotomizer" below. The single is out now via Nefarious Industries. For more on Miracle Blood, check out the band's website. Upcoming tour dates are below the video.

3/09/2024 33 Golden Street – New London, CT w/ Dirt Pile, WAAH, Throw, Brown Apples

3/15/2024 Deep Cuts – Medford, MA w/ The Freqs, Psychic Weight, BILLY

4/06/2024 The Cellar on Treadwell – Hamden, CT w/ Perennial, Down With Rent, Wow Okay Cool

4/19/2024 Flying Squirrel – Rochester, NY w/ Ivory Daze, Bug Day, Deep Disdain

4/20/2024 Silver Street Event Center – Syracuse, NY w/ Easy Blame, Apocalypse Tribe, Camouflage, Ebony Sorrow

5/04/2024 Bushwick Public House – Brooklyn, NY

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