Thursday, February 8, 2024

Shadow Show - "On a Cloud"

Photo by Nyle Rosenbaum

Shadow Show are one of those bands that we're always excited to hear new music from. Their latest single, "On a Cloud," continues their retro cool ways, but continues to mix it up. It's a strongly psychedelic garage rock song, but Shadow Show go a little more pop than usual. It's going to give you late 60's Beatles vibes, just as they started experimenting a bit more, but also with the catchy pop sound of The Monkees. They also edge a little bit into the 70's AM radio/Laurel Canyon sound with "On a Cloud." Shadow Show haven't reached the epic levels they do on their latest single, and we couldn't be more thrilled to hear more.

You can watch the video for "On a Cloud" below. Fantasy Now! is due out February 16 and is available for pre-order here. For more on Shadow Show, check out their website. Upcoming tour dates are below the video. (Alas, no New England dates are listed...)

2.16.24 - UFO Factory, Detroit, MI3.2.24 - Mauds Variety, Sarnia, ON3.6.24 - Monarch Tavern, Toronto, ON3.7.24 - L'Escogriffe, Montréal, QC3.8.24  - Lux Lounge, Rochester, NY3.9.24 - TV Eye, Brooklyn, NY3.10.24 - Happy Dog, Cleveland, OH3.11.24 - Atomic Bowl, Indianapolis, IN3.12.24 - Soft Junk, Nashville, TN3.13.24 - TBA, Memphis, TN3.20.24 - Gold Diggers, Los Angeles, CA3.22.24 - Bob Bakers Marionette Theatre, Los Angeles, CA3.23.24 - TBA, San Francisco, CA3.25.24 - TBA, Portland, OR3.26.24 - Sunset Tavern, Seattle, WA3.29.24 - Icon Lounge, Sioux Falls, SD3.30.24 - TBA, Chicago, IL3.31.24 - Brass Rail, Fort Wayne, IN4.8.24 - The Lanes, Bristol, UK4.9.24 - TBA, Brighton, UK4.10.24 - TBA, London, UK4.11.24 - L'International, Paris, FR4.13.24 - Insert Name Festival, Liegi, BE4.16.24 - TBA, Bordeaux, FR4.17.24 - Lata De Zinc, Oviedo, ES4.18.24 - El Perro Club, Madrid, ES4.19.24 - La Atalaia, Sopelana, ES4.20.24 - Barcelona Psych Fest, Barcelona, ES4.21.24 - Le Pingouin Alternatif, Arthez-De-Bèarn4.24.24 - Trokson, Lyon, FR4.25.24 - Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt, DE4.26.24 - Garageville, Hamburg, DE4.27.24 - Sonic Ballroom, Köln4.30.24 - TBA, Brno, CZ5.1.24 - Underdogs, Prague, CZ5.2.24 - Radio Rasa, Schauffasen, CH5.7.24 - Mood Club, Memmingem, DE5.8.24 - Hausbar, Tübengen, DE5.9.24 - City Club, Augsburg, DE 5.10.24 - Gold, Neu Ulm, DE5.11.24 - Wild At Heart, Berlin, DE

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