Wednesday, February 14, 2024

The Hissyfits - "Not My Valentine"

The Hissyfits released their debut album Wish way back in 1999. It's never been streamable before, but that is about to change. To celebrate, the band has released the never before released track "Not My Valentine." The song captures an absolutely magical time in the 90's that mixes DIY punk, riot grrrl, and mid-90's post-grunge/power pop. I completely missed out on The Hissyfits back in the day, but hearing "Not My Valentine" makes me realize that they would have been an absolute favorite of mine back then. The song is about a boy who won't commit, and as venomous as the song may be, it's filled with a ton of melancholy and melody. 

You can listen to "Not My Valentine" below. The song will be included on the streaming version of Wish. The Hissyfits will also be releasing their never before released 2003 farewell album, Goodbye, as well as their mid-90's punk releases. To stay informed on these releases, check out the band on Facebook (which may or may not be active).

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