Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Perennial - Lemon On Plastic

Just how punk are Perennial? The band (somewhat) surprise dropped a new EP yesterday that clocks in at four songs in under five minutes. Lemon On Plastic is everything we love about the band. The four songs all speed straight forward at full speed in a joyous burst of noise punk. Perennial did tweak their sound on this release, which results in these songs being quite a bit melodic than previous releases. (That is, except for the electronic noise of "Impressionism" and "Expressionism.") "Art History" and "Minimalism" have this fantastic The Kinks and The Beach Boys go noise punk sound. "Minimalism" in particular is like a noisy, bizarro world beach party gone haywire. The songs on Lemon On Plastic alternate between the singles and the experiments while making us desperate to hear more of the direction Perennial is going in.

You can listen to "Minimalism" below. Lemon On Plastic is available now via Bandcamp. For more on Perennial, check out the band on Twitter and Instagram.

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