Friday, January 3, 2014

Ken's Best Albums of 2013: #2: Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside - "Untamed Beast"

This site is on the verge of becoming an unofficial Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside fanpage, with my live review, Jeff's review of their latest EP, and both Jeff and I picking Untamed Beast as our pick for #2 album of 2013. Unfortunately, this appears to be their swan song as they announced their break up on their Facebook page. 

Sallie Ford has already announced and played her first show with her new all-female band under the name Sallie Ford. As excited as I am to hear her new band, I'm also a bit hesitant because I love this album so much. I never got into the white girl soul thing of Adele and Amy Winehouse. Sallie Ford adds a new indie rock twist to it. Pair that with her lyrics just dripping with unabashed sex and you get a concoction that has a little more originality. There is also a strong rockabilly touch to the songs, and I can't tell if that's Sallie Ford or guitarist Jeff Munger. "Paris" has one of my favorite lyrics in years, comparing thinking of a lover while being in Paris with a parasite. I'll keep listening to Untamed Beast while I excitedly but hesitantly wait for Sallie Ford's next move.

Head over to Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside's website for more information, and most likely some updates on their next steps. You can also stream "Untamed Beast" below.

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