Monday, March 30, 2015

The Deslondes - "Fought the Blues and Won"

Photo Credit: Sarrah Danziger
The Deslondes (formerly The Tumbleweeds) made my Newport Folk Festival 2014 Must See Bands list, and they were still one of my surprise favorite acts. They're part of the wave of Americana artists coming out of New Orleans, such as Benjamin Booker and Hurray for the Riff Raff. They have a really great roots country and blues sound, and "Fought the Blues and Won," the first single off their forthcoming debut album, fits that since it sounds like classic early rock and roll that's all but disappeared from radio. It's from back when rock and roll first came out of country and western. It's far too country and blues based to be rockabilly. It's from earlier than that. It sounds like it's from a time when Johnny Cash and Buddy Holly shared bills together. 

The Deslondes' self titled debut is due June 9 on New West Records. You can listen to "Fought the Blues and Won" below. For more information, check out their website, and I highly recommend seeing the on tour next time they come around.

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