Monday, September 14, 2015

Primetime - "Anyway"

Primetime's "Anyway" is one of the more interesting songs I've heard in a while. It runs about 1/2 a step slower than it feels like it should based on the intensity. It sounds like they're trying to be a poppier (and British) Sleater-Kinney, even though it's more discordant than Sleater-Kinney have been in multiple albums. It's one of those increasingly rare songs that isn't trying to reinvent music or punk, but uses pre-existing elements in a way that is incredibly fresh. It makes even us old guys realize that we recognize all the pieces but have no idea how Primetime is assembling them. And before we get a chance to figure it out, the song just kind of ends after less than two minutes.

You can listen to "Anyway" below. To keep tabs on Primetime, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and their Bandcamp.

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