Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Leyla McCalla - "Money is King"

I've been fairly obsessed with Leyla McCalla ever since discovering her at FreshGrass years ago. She has always had this incredibly unique and fresh take on classic folk that I can never get enough of. Her latest single, "Money is King," shows McCalla pushing towards the mainstream... kinda. "Money is King" seems more like a classic folk song than anything I've previously heard from McCalla, but more the ragtime/jazz side of folk music. Plus, "Money is King" attacks capitalism harder than any mainstream song I've heard since Rage Against the Machine. This seems like it will be a recurring theme for McCalla's upcoming album Capitalist Blues. According to McCalla, "Capitalist Blues is comprised of songs that reflect my experience living in a capitalist society, where we are always expected to do more, be more, and have more. While many of these songs are drawn from my most personal experiences of motherhood, I also find myself questioning the myriad inequities of the world that we live in and how that juxtaposes our ideals in a democratic society."

You can listen to "Money is King" below. Capitalist Blues will be out January 25 on Jazz Village. For more on Leyla McCalla, check out her website.

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