Thursday, November 15, 2018

Argonaut - "Girl Talk"

Photo via Facebook
The latest single from the United Kingdom's Argonaut is a bizarre little minimalist indie dance song. The focus of "Girl Talk" are the vocals, which is a rarity in the indie rock world. Particularly the way they have gang vocals swirling around background vocals. The instrumentation is particularly minimalist to the point that you almost stop even noticing it by the end of the song. It's almost like an electronic version of a Beat Happening song. Somehow this works and makes for one of the more fun songs I've heard in a while.

You can watch the video for "Girl Talk" below. It's off the Argonaut's new EP, which is titled The New Argonaut EP, and is available though keymailrecords. You can get your copy here. For more on Argonaut, be sure to check out their website.

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