Thursday, October 10, 2013

This Is a Thing That Exists: Billy Ray Cyrus with Fred Durst on The Arsenio Hall Show

I could have sworn Billy Ray Cyrus was that guy with that atrocious hit song over 20 years ago, you know the one that ushered in the horrid pop country movement? I thought he and his mullet were everywhere and had been dismissed as a joke decades ago, but I must have been wrong because here he is on The Arsenio Hall Show performing his new song "Lately." Obviously he's now a dark and brooding artist because look at that hat! That hat is the official hat of the American Idol deep singer-songwriter guy and not something that was chosen by a stylist to put on an aging, decades past his prime country line dance act to make him seem young and vital. And holy crap! Here's Fred Durst, who's also completely relevant. The target audience of this has to be Kid Rock fans who can't decide if they like bad ass rapper Kid Rock or country troubadour Kid Rock best. Either way, this is clearly the most honest and not a desperate attempt collaboration ever.

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