Friday, January 9, 2015

Anomie - "So Long"

We love Field Mouse, so you can imagine our excitement when Rachel Browne announced a side project, Anomie. Anomie has a 4 song EP coming out on Febraury 10. From the description of the EP:

The four songs on Anomie’s self-titled EP, available February 10, 2015 (Father/Daughter Records) were written in California over the span of a week where Rachel escaped to think during a difficult time. What emerged was a time capsule for the experience -- the music functioning as a therapeutic means to alleviate the heartache Rachel felt in the moment. 

Yeah, that sounds like how every great album is written to me, too. The first song on the EP, "So Long," can be streamed now, and it sounds like Juliana Hatfield fronting Letters to Cleo. Just when I thought we couldn't love Rachel Browne's music any more...

You can pre-order Anomie EP on their Bandcamp page, and listen to "So Long" below.

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