Tuesday, October 25, 2016

J Mascis Covers The Beatles

Photo via Facebook
Without any true rhyme or reason, Howard Stern put together a 50th anniversary tribute to The Beatles' iconic album Revolver. Airing on his Sirius XM station, the tribute featured the kind of artists you'd expect Stern to recruit: James Taylor, Jewel, Cheap Trick, etc. Sticking out to me apart from the rest was J Mascis. Not being a subscriber to Sirius XM, I figured J's version of "Doctor Robert" would be lost to me. Luckily, Dinosaur Jr archive site FreakScene.net has posted it on YouTube. Now... this isn't exactly Mascis' finest work. The song feels just a wee bit overproduced with a string section coming in out of nowhere, and he's trying to harmonize the vocals too much. No one is really listening to Mascis for pretty vocals. But the last minute and a half is just pure J Mascis guitar solo heaven. At the very least, it's an interesting curiosity, and a must listen for any fan of Mascis and/or covers.

You can listen to J Mascis' cover of "Doctor Robert" below. I'd recommend listening ASAP before it goes the way of the Dinosaur Jr tour documentary that briefly popped up and then disappeared last week.

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