Friday, October 14, 2016

Stef Chura - "You"

Photo by Zak Bratt
Hailing from Detroit, MI (somehow I'm surprised that there is an underground music scene in Detroit, even though that makes perfect sense), comes Stef Chura. Her new song, "You," might become your favorite song of 2017. It starts out as relatively standard singer/songwriter fair, albeit really fantastic relatively standard singer/songwriter fare. But underneath it all lies this brooding quality. And then the noise starts to kick in, and then drift away, just to come back later. She's along the lines of Colleen Green and Lady Lamb, as an artist who defies the easy folk label by just having this raw edge of punkish indie rock, but with just a hint of Kristin Hersh thrown in.

Stef Chura's debut album, Messes (which is definitely going on my most anticipated albums of 2017 list), will be out January 27 on Urinal Cake Records. You can listen to "You" below. You can pre-order the album at Urinal Cake's website. For more on Stef Chura, check out her Bandcamp and Facebook.

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