Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday Freebie: MC Paul Barman - Blue Moon Kaboom

This one is personally very exciting for me. I haven't heard anything from MC Paul Barman for years, to the point that I had figured he called it quits and had stopped making his own music. Of course, I never tried Googling anything to find this out. Today, seemingly out of nowhere (to me, at least), he announces Blue Moon Kaboom which is meant to tide us over until he releases his upcoming album! Blue Moon Kaboom is a collection of live performances, remixes, songs he's released on YouTube, etc. It's a mix of exactly what we want from MC Paul Barman: Awkward indie hip hop that works far better than it ever should, possibly because his production is always just about perfect. While the songs definitely have a sense of humor, they're far from jokey like he could be in the past. This has me impatiently waiting for the new album I didn't even know was on its way.

You can listen to "Exiled from the Getalong Gang" which features Open Mike Eagle below. To get your copy of Blue Moon Kaboom for free, head over to MC Paul Barman's Bandcamp.

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