Monday, December 18, 2017

Jeff's Top 10 of 2017 - #2: Tashaki Miyaki - The Dream

This album initially flew so far under my radar that I never actually got around to reviewing it for the site, and by the time I had gotten some time to talk about it? I was already in way, way too deep. Tashaki Miyaka does some great, sometimes shoegazey, always gorgeous dream pop music that demands attention while you're listening while getting trapped in your head any time you're not. You'll be sold with the instrumental intro, but if songs like "Girls on TV" or "Something is Better Than Nothing" don't grab you, you honestly might be reading the wrong website. There's only one album I loved more than this album this year, and probably no album that was more positively complex and interesting musically for me in terms of execution and enjoyment. This is a perfect mix of musical ideas in every way, and not enough people are hearing about it.

Songs of note: "Girls on TV, "Something is Better Than Nothing," "Cool Runnings," "L.A.P.D."

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