Friday, March 30, 2018

Dead Man's Knee - "Pleasure"

Although they're from London, Dead Man's Knee sound like Detroit in the late 60's. Mostly. Their debut single, "Pleasure," definitely has a proto-punk sound like MC5 and Death before them. It's definitely a cleaner sound, but that could just be more modern recording techniques. "Pleasure" seems right on the edge of being completely out of control, and almost demands that you check them out live. What Dead Man's Knee adds to their 50 year old sound is soul. With singer Del, they sound like someone merged Motown with MC5, and I think we can all agree that we need that in our lives. Plus, there's a killer guitar riff on the bridge of the song that will make the song for you if you were on the fence.

You can listen to "Pleasure" below. Their debut album should be out in late 2018. For now, you can keep track of them on Facebook and Twitter.

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