Thursday, March 22, 2018

Josefina - Starry Dome

Buenos Aires isn't known as a hub of the alt-country movement, at least to us. Singer/songwriter Josefina originally hails from there, but now calls Chicago home. Last month she released her debut album, Starry Dome. It's a seven song collection of upbeat, sunny songs that dabble in pop while being based in alt-country. She's more akin to Nikki Lane or Tristen than Lydia Loveless or Drive-By Truckers. In fact, to expand on the Tristen comparison, she lies in between Charlatans at the Gate and Caves era Tristen. 

The album opens with "I'll Soon Be Walking," which starts off with some Beach Boys style vocals, but quickly goes into the bouncy alt-country that characterizes the rest of the album. "Run, Cowboy, Run" is my favorite track, with a slightly more laid back vibe but some great attitude infused throughout. I'll be honest with this one: On my very first listen of Starry Dome, I wasn't completely won over. It was good and enjoyable, but a little too polished for my personal taste. But then I gave it another shot. And another. Pretty soon I became more and more into it, so definitely give it a chance. This is how I discovered and felt about Nikki Lane and Lydia Loveless, who long time readers will know I'm basically obsessed with now.

You can listen to "Run, Cowboy, Run" below. Starry Dome is available now on Josefina's Bandcamp. For more on Josefina, check out her Facebook and Twitter.

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