Friday, March 23, 2018

Jess Allardice - "Sunday Blue"

Photo via Facebook
The latest single from Glasgow's Jess Allardice will sneakily become one of your favorites. She calls her music alt-jazz, and I'd say she's spot on. "Sunday Blue" starts off in the vein of Norah Jones and Adele. Neither one of them is my favorite, so I'll implore you to stick with it a bit longer than you might normally. An odd thing happens as you listen to it: You'll very slowly get sucked in. Allardice chooses some slightly odd instruments to pop in at unexpected times. What could have been your standard song that gets played in the background at Starbucks instead becomes this surprisingly captivating song that you'll need to hear again as soon as it's finished. Her sound is far more mature than her young age of 22.

You can listen to "Sunday Blue" below via Spotify. For more on Jess Allardice, be sure to check her out on Facebook

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