Thursday, March 1, 2018

Hero Fisher - "Lonely"

The new single from London's Hero Fisher makes me nostalgic for a very specific time in the mid-90's. There was a time when female artists that were considered alternative (in the mid-90's, EVERYONE was alternative) had some pretty serious pop chops and would release these great songs. They weren't exactly singer/songwriter, they weren't rock, and they weren't electronic, but they had elements of it all. Think of artists like Heather Nova or Tori Amos. That's what "Lonely" feels like to me. It has electronic elements but isn't an electronic song, and it's far too electronic to be a singer/songwriter song. It's this lush and minimalist track that could be called haunting if it wasn't so incredibly enjoyable. 

You can listen to "Lonely" below. Hero Fisher's sophomore album, Glue Moon, will be out later this year. For more on Hero Fisher, check out her website.

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