Wednesday, March 7, 2018

First Listen: New Releases for March 2

It got way too busy, so here's some quick hits.

Must Listens:

Lucy Dacus - Historian: Believe the hype. This is not only the best album of this week, but maybe of 2018 so far. It's a brilliant record that combines the best of Margaret Glaspy, Sharon Von Etten, and a ton of our favorite singer-songwriters lately to bring a raw, compelling album that just sticks to your guts. I loved it on first listen, and I put it back on earlier today because I wanted to and it just has so many great layers. Don't miss out on this.

Tracey Thorn - Record: If I’m being honest with myself, I’ve liked but haven’t loved Thorn’s solo work. That changed considerably with this latest effort, which feels more essential and urgent than anything she has put out since her Everything But the Girl days. I’d expect things to not be this way given Thorn’s lengthy career up to now, but there are just so many songs on this record that are rock solid. If you’ve jumped off the bandwagon, now is as good a time as any to jump back on.

Soccer Mommy - Clean: I hate that this came out in such a busy week, because there is so much I loved about this. It feels so fragile in a lot of respects, but still exudes an immediacy that so much music in this genre doesn't have. So the songs just demand attention as opposed to being in the background, and in a week full of music like this, it's a welcome addition. One of the best of the week, easy.

Haley Heynderickx - I Need to Start a Garden: If you can figure out how to spell her name, slip down to "Oom Sha La La" first to get an idea of exactly what Haley Heynderickx is capable of. This whole album is gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but no song does such a good job of bringing every musical theme together on an album quite like this one does. It's just a great listen, and it's worth your time this week.

Solid for This Week:

Buffalo Tom - Quiet and Peace: Buffalo Tom was a little before my time, and I hate that I missed the boat on them during their heyday. This new album is really good, with solid alt-rock songs from a band that seems incredibly comfortable with what they’re doing. It’s not going to blow your socks off, but that’s not ultimately the point. It’s just great music from an act you trust.

Superorganism - Superorganism: Some strange stuff going on here. Very compelling, seems like a more mainstream Rubblebucket in some regards. This might be a little too strange for a lot of listeners, but, for me, it hit the right spot.

Vivian Leva - Time is Everything: A short hit to highlight this record, which is a great mix of great singing and great music to go along with it.

Lucius - NUDES (a strong return to form for this group)
Camp Cope - How to Socialise and Make Friends (don't ignore this, has an opportunity to be a sleeper)
Moby - Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt
The Breeders - All Nerve
Olden Yolk - Olden Yolk
Cut Chemist - Die Cut


* Me Not You - Reckoning 2 (this is the best band you're not listening to right now)
* Chrysta Bell - Chrysta Bell
* Margaret Glaspy - Born Yesterday
* El Perro Del Mar - We Are History
* Peggy Gou - Once
* Anna von Hausswolff - Dead Magic
* Mikky Ekko - ADVANCE COPY
* Stains of a Sunflower - Stains of a Sunflower
* Katie Toupin - Moroccan Ballroom

Also out:

* Gwenno - Le Kov (ex-Pipette)
* Andrew WK - You're Not Alone
* Suuns - Felt
* Barely Civil - We Can Live Here Forever
* Moaning - Moaning
* The Men - Drift
* Sam Moss - Neon
* Barrance Whitfield and the Savages - Soul Flowers of Titan
* Netherfriends - Alap
* Titus Andronicus - A Productive Cough (I literally cannot make heads or tails of this)

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