Wednesday, February 9, 2022

First Frontier - "Edging"

Photo by Paul Stafford

Birmingham, UK based First Frontier are a garage rock duo, but this isn't purely straightforward garage rock. Their latest single, "Edging," incorporates a lot more punk and post punk than you normally hear in garage rock. It's reminding me a lot of is bands like B-52's and DEVO decided they wanted to update their sound and go a little more rock than they normally do. It's a fast song that goes all out without really becoming heavy or hard rock. It goes at a frenetic pace that is far too rock to truly be any kind of pop.

In a press release, the band explains the meaning of the song:

"'EDGING' is a song about the frustration of trying to achieve something but never quite making it to where you want to be. That feeling when you’re expending energy, fuel, time, hope but every time you stop to check how far you’ve come, you’ve barely moved. This is a song for anybody who ever tried a thing and it didn’t work out as planned. It’s an ode to every plan gone awry, every dream tarnished, every attempt missed. And it’s an homage all of those people who get up, brush themselves off, and keep on trying."

You can listen to "Edging" below. The song will be included on First Frontier's debut EP. For more on First Frontier, check out the band's website.

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