Tuesday, February 22, 2022

First Listen: New Releases for 18 February 2022

Artist: Blushing
Album: Possessions
Quick Thoughts: Dear god this is good. We love a good shoegazey effort and Blushing brings us the best one we've heard in some time. This is fresh and fuzzy in all the right ways, and has so many solid songs that it's hard to select just a handful. Overall, a highlight of the week without question, and definitely worth your time if you're into this sort of shoegaze.
Songs of Note: "Sour Punch," "Surround (With Love)"

Artist: Basement Revolver
Album: Embody
Quick Thoughts: I'm a big Basement Revolver fan and this new album continues them along the same great alt rock lines they've headed down as of late. It's difficult for me to hear a song like "Be Okay" and not wonder why this act isn't huge. On a whole, a solid listen in a busy week - while I feel like every shoegaze act decided to release in February, all of them are awesome.
Songs of Note: "Be Okay," "Blackhole"

Artist: MAITA
Album: I Just Want to be Wild For You
Quick Thoughts: MAITA has always been great, but this album is such a massive step forward that I'm shocked by it. There are shades of Madi Diaz's incredible album from last year here, in that this has a straightforward and brutal presentation to go along with some truly amazing songwriting, but also doesn't avoid getting loud and brash like on "Pastel Concrete." This is my favorite album of 2022 so far and I'm more excited to get back to this one more than anything else recently. A must-listen.
Songs of Note: "Loneliness," "Pastel Concrete," "Honey, Have I Lost It All?," "Where Do You Go?"

Artist: Howless
Album: To Repel Ghosts
Quick Thoughts: Howless is a fascinating, interesting listen. Billed as "noise pop" out of Mexico City, Mexico, it is a retro-rock outfit that sounds like it came straight out of early 1980s radio. Big drums, big bass, and some sweet reverb to go along with some truly compelling vocals make the whole package a favorite this week. Ken's been raving about them for a while, and I'm super glad this exists.
Songs of Note: "Fade Out," "Unlucky," "Shadow Blind,"

Artist: Sarah Shook and the Disarmers
Album: Nightroamer
Quick Thoughts: We're not only on the Sarah Shook bandwagon, we're probably driving it at this point. Nightroamer might be her most mainstream effort with The Disarmers, and comes across as a roots rock album with some radio-friendly rock to go along with her signature twang. Three albums in, and Sarah Shook is absolutely solidifying herself as a must-listen talent in the alt-country landscape.
Songs of Note: "No Mistakes," "Been Lovin' You Too Long," "Talkin' to Myself"

Of note:

* Midnight Oil - RESIST (Much better than you expect it to be.)
* The Pine Hearts - Lost Love Songs (Pure bluegrassy folk.)
* Sea Power - Everything Was Forever (At least the parts that work on Spotify right now are solid.)
* Shout Out Louds - House
* Bathtub Cig - Night Blindness
* Kendra Morris - Nine Lives
* Shovels and Rope - Manticore
* Lavender Country - Blackberry Rose
* Various Artists - Ocean Child: Songs of Yoko Ono
* Methyl Ethel - Are You Haunted?
* Hurray for the Riff Raff - Life on Earth
* Sally Shapiro - Sad Cities
* Sea Power - Everything Was Forever
* The Infamous Stringdusters - Toward the Fray
* Alice Glass - PREY//IV
* Metronomy - Small World
* BROODS - Space Island


* Fatima Yamaha - Build Back Bangers (Best album/EP title I've seen in a while.)
* Ruby Bridges - Live from Repentence Creek Hall (The version of "Clothes Line" here is brilliant.)
* Tiffany Day - The Renewal Project
* Ryan Dugre - Look See
* The Tin Can Collective - A Brief Look Back at Rising Tides
* Mae Krell - imposter Syndrome
* Sibille Attar - Lost Tracks (2012-2022)
* NewDad - Banshee
* Blue Hawaii - My Bestfriend's House
* Tame Impala - The Slow Rush (Remixes/B-Sides)
* Eliza and the Delusionals - Give You Everything
* Khruangbin and Leon Bridges - Texas Moon

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Noisia - The Resonance II

Also out:

* The Body and OAA - Enemy of Love
* Beach House - One Twice Melody


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