Monday, February 14, 2022

The Slashes - "Valentine Slip"

Photo via Facebook

The Slashes are a "San Diego post punk/border goth band." Their latest single, "Valentine Slip," combines some of our favorite sounds into one. It's definitely a goth song and has elements of the dark New Wave of the 80's. It also bring a lot of the fuzz of dream pop, and some of the groove of post punk. All of those sounds have been heard together before, and quite often. But The Slashes add in some more traditional Mexican folk or country sounds into "Valentine Slip." They may only be in it sparingly, and typically in the background, but they are there. It's really a unique sound, and the song is obviously perfect for today.

Esteban Rene (vocals and guitar) says that the new single is "... about accepting our true nature, the duality of the good and bad in this character, with one side winning eventually and giving in to his true self."

You can listen to "Valentine Slip" below. For more on The Slashes, check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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