Friday, September 1, 2023

Already Dead - "Bread and Roses"

Photo courtesy of Already Dead

Already Dead have already earned their blue collar punk label, but the band decided to double down on their latest. Keeping up with the tradition of Massachusetts punk bands releasing pro-union songs, Already Dead have recorded a version of "Bread and Roses," a song written back in 1912 as a hymn and poem dedicated to women and children striking for better working conditions in Lawrence, MA. It's fairly obvious to compare this track to Dropkick Murphys' songs like "Which Side are You On?," but with good reason. They're both melodic punk songs taken from original pro-union songs from roughly one hundred years ago. If you tend to long for the earlier works of Dropkick Murphys, this one will be for you.

Already Dead's Dan Cummings, who is also a union pipefitter, says of the song:

"It aligns with what I hope Already Dead projects as an ethos. And that's standing up for yourself and for your fellow people and to fight for what is fair. In my opinion, there is evidence of that in all class struggles."

You can listen to Already Dead's take on "Bread and Roses" below. The band will be performing it at the Bread & Roses Heritage Festival in Lawrence, MA on September 4 along with festival founder Felipe Collazo. For more on Already Dead, check out the band's website.


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