Friday, September 1, 2023

Black Grape - "Milk"

Photo by Paul Husband

Manchester legends Black Grape always seemed a little ahead of their time, at least here in America. We may have finally caught up with them, so it's the perfect time for them to release a new single. "Milk" fits the perfect trademark of a Black Grape song. It's equal parts punk and dance music, which is currently all the rage. I know I wasn't quite ready for this sonic mixture when I first heard them in the 90's, but now electronic punk is something I can fully get behind. In their twenty-five plus years, Black Grape have not slowed down at all, and "Milk" is perfect for long term fans and people just discovering (or rediscovering) the band.

You can listen to "Milk" below. Orange Head is due out November 3 on DGAFF Records. For more on Black Grape, check out the artist on Twitter and Facebook.

1 comment:

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