Monday, September 25, 2023

Savoir Faire - "Only Fools (Betarseed)"

September 16 was the one year anniversary of Mahsa Amini's death. The twenty-two year old died in Iranian police custody after being arrested for incorrectly wearing her hijab head covering incorrectly, sparking protests which are still ongoing. On September 16 (we're far too late to this one, apologies!), Savoir Faire released a new single, "Only Fools (Betarseed)," which transforms an Iranian protest chant into her style of "alt-noir rock." It's a song that is obviously somber, but also hopeful. This is the type of song that can easily suck you in just by its vibe and melody, and then will devastate you with its subject matter.

In a Facebook post on September 6, Sarah Fard (aka Savoir Faire) says of her new single:

"September 16, 2022, was a day that catalyzed protests in Iran. It is the day that Mahsa Amini was murdered by her own government.
People are still protesting and being killed. On September 1st, almost a year since the protests started, a protester was tortured to death. His name was Javad Roohi.
"This might seem like a somber way to promote music, but it's actually the opposite: music to promote awareness of the situation.
"I will be raising funds for the @centerforhumanrights on the day of the songs release, the anniversary of Amini's death.
"When the song is released, PLEASE share the song and the meaning. Keep sharing the stories about the protesters.
"I am proud of my Iranian heritage, but not of it's government. It is important to separate the two."

You can listen to "Only Fools (Betarseed)" below. The song is available via Bandcamp. For more on Savoir Faire, check out the artist's website.

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