Wednesday, April 22, 2015

liè - Consent

lié are one of those bands you have never heard anything like it before, and you have no idea how that is possible. Hailing out of Vancouver, BC, I only heard about them because they were opening for The Dead Milkmen on a recent West Coast tour. It's dark gothic heavy punk. Imagine straight edge hardcore style punk mixed in with European goth new wave, but it a really melodic way. It's not goth in a "Let's put bats on our merch and wear black eyeliner" way, but just dark. I can't call it catchy, but it's not meant to be. lié take all these elements that have never been mixed together, and especially never like this. It's heavy and groovy all at once. "Saved" just barrels in at this breakneck pace with a chanting call and response gang vocals. If you like any kind of music that is heavy or dark, this will be for you. The band also just premiered a new video for "Sorry," which is just this crazy discordant mindfuck of a song. This is a perfect album.

Consent is available now via lié's Bandcamp. You can also "like" them on Facebook. Watch the video for "Sorry" below. For some upcoming West Coast tour dates, go here.

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