Friday, April 3, 2015

Speedy Ortiz - "Puffer"

Photo by Daniel Topete Photography
Where the hell did this song come from? It's been almost 2 years since I first discussed Speedy Ortiz on If It's Too Loud..., calling them "...  Liz Phair [fronting] a supergroup with members of Pavement and Dinosaur Jr." You would never connect that description with their new song, "Puffer." "Puffer" is still 90s as all hell, but has a bizarre Sneaker Pimps slinky vibe to it, and am I detecting a little, teeny bit of Britney Spears behind that? It's all layered over noisey, feedback heavy guitars, and it's good (really good), but holy hell I never would have expected this to come out of them 2 years ago. You don't usually get a band this early on in their career to make such an intense and major sound shift. If they do, it's usually a giant mistake, but this doesn't feel like a bad move. "Puffer" just grooves. To make everything just that much more strange, the song premiered yesterday over at Entertainment Weekly. It can only increase the anticipation for their next album.

Foil Deer is due out April 21st. You can listen to "Puffer" below, and head on over to their Facebook to keep up with what these crazy kids from Northampton are up to.

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