Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Love Love - "I Like You Weird"

Love Love is the latest project from Boston based singer-songwriters Chris Toppin and Jefferson Davis Riordan. After her time in Fuzzy ended, Toppin took 10 years off to raise her kids. After the two met, they began working on music together, and Love Love was born.

With two gifted songwriters, Love Love's songs are tight, poppy showcases of Americana. Their latest video, "I Like You Weird" from their EP released back in September, features Riordan on vocals with Toppin singing back up. It starts off simply enough with a basic guitar/bass/drums mix, and then slowly becomes more lush as extra instruments get added. It's an ideal blend of the mid 90s Boston scene and the contemporary country/folk revival.

You can check out the video for "I Like You Weird" below. For more information on Love Love, you can head over to their website or Bandcamp. Their debut full length is due out in May. If you're in the Boston area, you can see them at The Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain on May 6 or their absolutely stacked record release party on May 30 at The Lizard Lounge in Cambridge with Tanya Donelly,The Needy Sons (aka Bill Janovitz's bar band), and Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents.

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