Wednesday, October 13, 2021

First Listen: New Releases for 8 October

Artist: Destroy Boys
Album: Open Mouth, Open Heart
Quick Thoughts: We're big fans of Destroy Boys here even if we are far too old to really be this into them. This album is more of the punk goodness they're so great at, and is accessible enough where I could see a lot of this taking off. There's a lot of solid stuff in here, and if you're into the punk stuff you owe it to yourself to check this one out.
Songs of Note: "Drink," "Cherry Garcia"

Artist: Nightwatchers
Album: Common Crusades
Quick Thoughts: It takes a lot for me to get down with the heavier stuff, and Nightwatchers is certainly heavy, but there's a sensibility to this that makes this one stand out. The musicality, the offbeat song titles, the overall presentation of this record, it's all pretty great. This won't be for everyone, but boy am I glad I heard it.
Songs of Note: "For the Sake of the People and the Nation," "A Not-so-Secular State Culturalism," "Dismissed," "Their Turn Trying to Rule the World," "No Matter Who 'Osei Kofi Tutu I' Is."

Artist: Church Girls
Album: Still Blooms
Quick Thoughts: On first listen, this gave me a real "Field Mouse, but heavier" vibe. As I heard somme songs again, this ends up being more a darkish punk effort that just works. It's got an angular feel to it and a lot of really catchy tunes throughout. I really enjoyed this.
Songs of Note: "Dissolve," "Surface," "Vacation"

Artist: Atmosphere
Album: WORD?
Quick Thoughts: Probably my favorite rap album of the last few weeks, Atmosphere definitely has a classic flow that is sure to get a lot of listeners excited. I don't have a ton to say about this one in particular, but I did want to make sure it didn't get overlooked. It's a good time, and don't miss out on the Aesop Rock and MF Doom guest spot!
Songs of Note: "Something," "Vanish," "Barcade"

Artist: Moaning Lisa
Album: Something Like This But Not This
Quick Thoughts: Between this and Church Girls and Destroy Boys, you'd think there's a bit of a theme here in terms of female-fronted rock acts. Moaning Lisa is great, and this album has a lot of really interesting songs throughout. It's a busy week, but worth the time for a lot of these songs.
Songs of Note: "Cold Water," "Waste," "Bike Riding," "Working Still"

Artist: Magdalena Bay
Album: Mercurial World
Quick Thoughts: My favorite album this week is this debut full-length from Magdalena Bay. I don't quite remember how I tripped up on this duo, but the sort of synthy pop they peddle hits all the right notes for me. The album is somehow more accessible and more interesting than their earlier stuff, and I was shocked at how it felt like the album was just banger after banger after banger. If you have a bit of a sweet tooth for the poppy stuff, you need to make some time for this one.
Songs of Note: "Halfway," "You Lose!" "Dawning of the Season," "Mercurial World"

Artist: The Wild Feathers
Album: Alvarado
Quick Thoughts: This record came to me late, and I'm glad I made some time for it. The title track alone makes this record, but the fact that I kept being impressed by this roots-informed record is a testament to how great this really was. You won't regret giving this a spin.
Songs of Note: "Alvarado," "Ain't Lookin'," "Over the Edge," "Side Street Shakedown," "Off Your Shoulders," "Long Shot"

Of note:

* Lala Lala - I Want the Door to Open (A lot of really great moments here.)
* I Was a King - Grand Hotel
* Lunice - 180 Deluxe
* Jax Anderson - Songs for Every Condition
* Oh Wonder - 22 Break
* Anna Leone - I've Felt All These Things
* Natalie Hemby - Pins and Needles


* Mentu Baru - Skalloween (It's ska, but for Halloween. And it's super fun.)
* Matt Pond PA - This is Not The State of Gold (Demos from their last effort.)
* Jenny Moore's Mystic Business - He Earns Enough EP
* Lunar Vacation - Where is Everyone
* Lake Haze - Atomic Level
* Habibi - Nice Try
* Nothing - The Great Dismal B-Sides
* UNIIQU3 - Heartbeats
* Billy Bragg - Mid-Century Modern
* Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Local H - Local H's Awesome Quarantine Mixtape #3 (Covers galore!)

Also out:

* Guilty Simpson and Gensu Dean - EGO
* Laurel Premo - Golden Loam
* Taraka - Paradise Lost
* JOHN (TIMESTWO) - Nocturnal Manoeuvres
* Merzbow - Flare Blues
* Eddie Spaghetti and Frank Meyer - Motherfuckin' Rock 'n' Roll

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