Thursday, October 7, 2021

Perennial - "Perennial in a Haunted House"

Photo by Omari Spears

Connecticut's Perennial plays punk rock. Their latest single, "Perennial in a Haunted House," is loud and fast. It goes right up to the edge of what could be called noise punk, but stays just melodic enough to not be noise rock. Plus, the song is kinda danceable, and not just in a pogo friendly way. There are some actual grooves in this song despite the screaming and driving drums and feedback. At less than two minutes in length, "Perennial in a Haunted House" certainly doesn't overstay its welcome, and leaves you desperate for more. This song is a lot of fun, and we don't know if we can wait until January for more.

You can listen to "Perennial in a Haunted House" below. In the Midnight Hour is due out January 1. You can pre-order a copy in a variety of bundles over at Bandcamp. For more on Perennial, check out the artist's Facebook and Instagram.

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