Friday, September 6, 2019

Candy Ambulance - "Road Valium"

Troy, NY's Candy Ambulance have a sound familiar to any of us that were coming of age in the 90's. Their latest single, "Road Valium," has a very mid-90's feel. It's from the time when grunge was fading out and was being replaced by post-grunge and/or power pop, but still has some of the dark, fuzzy as hell guitar of grunge. 

Singer Caitlin Barker says of "Road Valium":

“This song is very on-brand me. The subject matter is pretty dark - Iʼm admitting that I seek chaos and attention in order to distract myself from deeper wounds - yet Iʼm delivering it in an incredibly cheeky manner. Iʼm flirting, Iʼm drawing you in and Iʼm letting you know that the ride is gonna be a rough (but usually pretty fun) one. When I say 'every time I find a spot to lie in I get so uncomfortable' I mean it. If I stopped partying or chasing men Iʼd go absolutely bonkers.” 

You can listen to "Road Valium" below. Traumantic, the new Tommy Stinson produced album from Candy Ambulance, will be out September 13. You can pre-order the album on the band's Bandcamp. For more on Candy Ambulance, check out their website.

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