Thursday, September 5, 2019

KTG - "Never Go Home"

The latest single from Irish singer-songwriter KTG (aka Katie Gallagher) melds multiple genres seemlessly into a sound completely unique and completely familiar. "Never Go Home" is a burst of fast paced and fun folk-pop, but with enough traditional folk elements to not sound like something you'd hear on your local top 40 or hits of yesterday and today station, although it could be played there. It's traditional folk but modern pop, borrowing just enough from each to not overwhelm any haters of either genre. Plus, it could just be her accent, but "Never Go Home" has the tiniest hint of Celtic music without sounding like NPR's A Celtic Sojourn. The song exists just outside of so many genres that it becomes its very own thing.

You can listen to "Never Go Home" below. Searching for Magpies, the new mini-album from KTG, will be out September 26 on Beardfire Music. For more on KTG, check her out on Facebook and Twitter.

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