Monday, September 23, 2019

Puddles Pity Party and Jake La Botz Cover The Kinks

Puddles Pity Party is undeniably popular, although I don't know if I've ever quite got it. It's too weird of a concept to be taken fully seriously, but he's far too talented to be a pure novelty. But, if he's going to join with Jake La Botz to cover The Kinks... how can I possibly resist that? The pair take on "Strangers," one of my favorite understated Kinks classic songs. It's somewhat reinvented with a country feel. 

Puddles Pity Party says about the recording: "This song was written by Dave Davies. Our pal, Jake La Botz, stopped by the garage. We talked about life and living and his Buddhist meditation practice. Then we decided to play this song. It's been on my mind lately, although I've never played it before. Jake plays a mean guitar, and I love playing that outta tune Ban-Tar or whatever it's called. Let's hear it for Andrew and that Fog Storm 1200! I adore making art with these guys."

You can watch the video for Puddles Pity Party and Jake La Botz's version of "Strangers" below. It's available as a single here. For more on Puddles Pity Party, check out his website. For Jake La Botz, check out his.

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