Friday, September 13, 2019

Lucy Dacus Covers Bruce Springsteen

Ever since Lucy Dacus announced her 2019 holiday singles project, I've been waiting for one of her more interesting holidays: Bruce Springsteen's birthday. I came to Springsteen later in life, and I can't say I'm fully on board, but I now get it. To celebrate Bruce's birthday on September 23, she's released a cover of "Dancing in the Dark." At first the song starts out like a typical Lucy Dacus song: In that world between folk and indie rock, almost haunting. But the song slowly starts picking up (which is also a Lucy Dacus trait), but in a more traditional, straightforward rock way. Like a Springsteen song. Dacus pulls off the rare cover that stays true to the original while making it her own song, which is impressive since her music isn't close to Bruce's.

You can listen to Lucy Dacus take on "Dancing in the Dark" below. There are still forthcoming songs for Halloween and Christmas. For more on Lucy Dacus, check out her website.

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