Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Sheila Divine - "Age Is Just a Number"

The Sheila Divine may be about to leave us (Jim Gilbert is leaving the band after their upcoming shows and the rest of the band is undecided about carrying on), but they do still have an upcoming album. Right now we can check out a new song from that album. "Age Is Just a Number" doesn't start out like a typical Sheila Divine song. It's almost New Wave and groovy. It's a cool reverb heavy sound, and just as you're getting adjusted to this new sound from and old favorite, the chorus kicks in and The Sheila Divine revert back to classic form. The song goes back and forth like this, in a weirdly great loud/quiet/loud New Wave meets Springsteen meets classic late 90's alternative mash up.

You can listen to "Age Is Just a Number" below. Beginning of the End, the new and possibly last album from The Sheila Divine, will be out in the near future. For more on The Sheila Divine, check them out on Facebook.

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