Friday, September 20, 2019

Lightning Bolt - "USA is a Psycho"

Usually after twenty five years, even the loudest of bands slow down a little bit. No one told that to Providence's Lightning Bolt. Their latest single, "USA is a Psycho," is a bludgeoning, brutal loud song. The drumming is just relentless and pounding, and the guitars drive straight into your skull with abandon. Also? It's groovy as all hell and makes you kinda want to dance. It all swirls into a pulsating psychotic mixture of pure noise and fun aggression. Aka it's classic Lightning Bolt.

You can listen to "USA is a Psycho" below. Sonic Citadel, the upcoming album from Lightning Bolt, will be out October 11. You can pre-order the album via the band's Bandcamp. For more on Lightning Bolt, check out their website.


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