Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Housebound Ska Collective Cover The Muppets

There are few things in life I consider as sacred as The Muppets. That being said, The Muppet Christmas Carol is a blind spot in my Muppets knowledge. It came out when I was sixteen, so I would have been much too self conscious of being considered cool and adult to watch it. Plus, I'm more of an A Muppet Family Christmas guy. But, if Housebound Ska Collective are going to cover a song from The Muppet Christmas Carol, I'm going to check it out. "It Feels Like Christmas" is incredibly true to the original. Sure, there are horns in this version, and a few "Hey! Hey! Hey!"s thrown in there, but the Collective keep it more of a tribute to the original and completely avoid the tongue in cheek vibe of most ska covers. This is a Christmas cover that you can not miss.

You can watch the video for Housebound Ska Collective covering "It Feels Like Christmas" below. For more on Housebound Ska Collective, check out their Facebook.

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